The Open Space

Space for tree

This picture is from a corner of my great room.  I’ve been in a quandary since I realized I have a new cat who hasn’t experienced Christmas at our house, yet.  She’s a sweetheart, but a different cat personality than we’ve ever had.  She climbs; she’s not motivated by food; she gets into my yarn and bites the strands in half when I’m knitting. Hence the need for a Christmas tree strategy.
Since we’ve lived in this house, we have placed the tree in front of the big window, and at night, it is a spectacular sight.  But this year we are going to put it in this corner.  It seems safer and won’t destroy the TV, if it should come down for any reason.  Previously the space is the home of a houseplant – a houseplant that became a tree…I’m a bit of a green thumb, and sometimes my plants thrive quite well.
After moving the plant to a temporary spot, I was immediately struck by this new open space.
The plant blocked all the wonderful light!  A sense of lifting came over me…maybe, freedom?  I began to delight in the airiness of this space.
Today my yoga teacher put us into a variety of ‘opening’ positions.  She said, “As we open up our bodies, space is created, and this space allows for freedom.”
Isn’t that true of our spiritual journey?  When we open ourselves to God, a space is created.  A space of freedom.  Freedom to love without fear.  Freedom to serve without expectation.  Freedom to believe without repercussion.  Freedom to stop striving and embrace peace.  There is light in this place, an airiness, and breathing room.
We can fill  this space with many things, even very good things, but soon we long for the Light that we found in the open space.  We long for the freedom we found in the Light.
I’m trying to figure out where that plant could go when Christmas is over. I’ve found I really like the light, and the open space that was created.

About birdhead456

I have many titles from wife, mother, and Nana. But I am also a gardener and love to create beautiful spaces. To me the soul is much like a garden. It is a beautiful place where we meet God. Just as a garden needs attention, nutrients, and patience, so does our souls require time to be nurtured in order to bring forth the good fruit of a strong relationship with God. I am a Spiritual Director working with Christian woman who desire such time and attention to help build a deeper connection with God.
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2 Responses to The Open Space

  1. Jenster says:

    “We can fill this space with many things, even very good things, but soon we long for the Light that we found in the open space.” So much truth! Loved this post, Becky.

  2. dianekarchner says:

    ‘…and this space allows for freedom.’ Without making space, freedom is hard to find. Thanks for sharing, Becky. This made me think of the closed spaces in my house and life that need opening.

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