About Rebecca Preston

From the time I was a young child my sense of God’s presence in my life was strong.  Even at that early age, I was convinced God was near me and heard me as I spoke to Him.

My journey in the faith has been like many others, up and down, yet distinct in the details.  After a time of disinterest in Junior High, the way to God again opened up clearly as I became involved in the Youth for Christ movement.

Wanting to go to a Christian College, but also not wanting to stir up disagreements within the family, I went to school for Nursing and became a nurse for a short time.   I soon discovered that I was not well suited to that role.  I left and became a full time mom and housewife, picking up odd jobs along the way.  But my desire often turned towards learning, and the craving to know more about how God moves among His people in our day.

After sending my youngest off to college, I also returned to school, finishing my BA.  Soon after, I entered into Biblical Theological Seminary.  From the first class I knew this was where I was supposed to be.  One class in particular led me on a trail of finding what role God would have for me in the aftermath of receiving my degree from seminary.  I was led to the ministry of Spiritual Formation, and was given the opportunity to be taught by the team at Renovare Institute of Spiritual Formation.  This in turn led me to Spiritual Direction, and I earned a certificate from Karios School of Spiritual Formation.

As I begin this practice of Spiritual Direction, I am still a housewife married to a very supportive husband.  Although we have no children at home anymore, we are blessed with two great children with wonderful spouses, and five lively grandchildren.  Life is rich with the blessings of God.

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