Spiritual Direction

It is easier to find guides, someone to tell you what to do, than someone to be with you in a discerning, prayerful companionship as you work it out yourself. This is what spiritual direction is.”  Eugene H. Peterson

What is Spiritual Direction? In essence, the ministy of Spiritual Direction is a ministry aiding in the deepening relationship between a person and God.  Spiritual Direction is a way to travel this journey of faith with the discerning companionship of another.  This ministry is often characterized by the names: Spiritual Friendship, Holy Listening, Soul care, and Sacred Companion.  It is not so much “directive” as it is one person coming alongside of another person looking for the Ebenezer spots along the way.

Another good definition of Spiritual Direction is “help given by one Christian to another which enables that person to pay attention to God’s personal communication to him or her, to respond to the personally communicating God, to grow in intimacy with this God, and to live out the consequences of the relationship.”  William A. Barry and William J. Connolly

While Spiritual Direction is somewhat new to many in our culture, it has been valued as a ministry for centuries in various religious traditions.  The Roman Catholic Church has a long history of Spiritual Direction that continues to flourish.  Many in the Evangelical wing of Christianity are also seeing a rise in acceptance and value of this ministry to those seeking a stronger relationship with God.

“The whole purpose of spiritual direction is to penetrate beneath the surface of a man’s life, to get behind the façade of conventional gestures and attitudes which he presents to the world, and to bring out his inner spiritual freedom, his inmost truth, which is what we call the likeness of Christ in his soul.”  – Thomas Merton

What to anticipate in a Spiritual Direction session? There are no expectations, no agenda’s, and no judgments with Spiritual Direction relationship.  We will follow the movement of God throughout this time together, exploring what it is that the Spirit desires to bring to our attention.  A person may come to the session with something to discuss or may come with the expectancy that God will bring to mind what is important for that day.

How to begin Spiritual Direction?  If you have the sense that Spiritual Direction is something you are being drawn to, please contact me in several ways.

My email address:  r.m.preston4@gmail.com

You can also Private Message me through Facebook.

The first meeting is without charge as we discern this ministry together.  After that, we will discuss the charge per hour.  Generally, I base the charges on a sliding scale of $30-$45 for one session of Direction.

My Qualifications:

  • MA from Biblical Theological Seminary
  • Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Karios School for Spiritual Formation
  • Certificate from Renovare Institute of Spiritual Formation
  • Member of ESDA (Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association)
  • Member of SDI (Spiritual Directors International)


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