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Maybe it is About Me

About a decade ago, my husband and I started at a new church. As was our custom, we asked for a meeting with the pastor.  The pastor came to our house and we had a delightful conversation about this new … Continue reading

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This is the first Christmas season in many years that I am not attending school or some kind of training program.  Basically, my time is my own, and is quite free.  In November, I decided to earn some extra cash … Continue reading

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Cha Cha Cha Changes

Change follows me like an annoying swarm of gnats. The longest I’ve lived in one house is 13 years. The longest state I’ve lived in is twenty-one years. I’ve actually lived in four states, attended five different schools before graduating … Continue reading

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Blunders and Grace

The other day I came home from shopping and stopped to pick up my mail.  Inside with the regular advertisements and bills were two handwritten notes.  These notes were written in a childish scrawl and declared love for an unnamed … Continue reading

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